Thursday, January 06, 2005

a message to a friend

There you were in the shadows...
seeking for something you know, you'll never find
I asked you, "why do you keep in doing this?"
You said, you have to.
Why go blindly, when you know you're
going to stumble and fall?
Still, you said you have to.

I offered my hand.
Then you said my voice was enough to guide you.
Stil you continued forth.
Until my voice was hardly a whisper to you.
I didn't want to leave.
I had to shout.
So that you'd realize that I was there.
I never left.
That you were never alone.

I guess you knew...
Even before you knew
that you had to do it your way.

Now I understand
that you had to be in the shadows
to appreciate the light ahead.

Goodbye Jeff.
Till we meet again.


this was written by a common friend of ours for the late Jeffrey Wernher "Boko" Gonzales. May you rest in peace sire!!!


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