Wednesday, March 23, 2005

aching knees

played badminton lastnight with bolet's friends and family in platino near kapitolyo from 9pm to 11pm. i played a good game since i was playing with pat the drop shot artist. this guy is so good!

ang kulit ng tatay at nanay ni bolet. astig sila. we went back at bolet's house to have a drink, and when i say drink, GSM Blue.. ahahaha! GINPOM ang inom.. ahahaha! we had 5 bottles of GSM Blue sarap swabeng swabe! ahahaha! the tita of bolet even cooked soup and longannisa for us....ahahaha! they found out that i was not eating meat so they cooked sardines(how sweet noh)

i got home around 3am. bait ni bolet hinatid ako using his baby pajero. Raaaaaaaaaaak!!!!!

sa tuesday ulit.. ahahaha! nga pla.. you might be wondering bakit aching knees.. kasi masakit ang tuhod ko.. yun lang.. ahahahaha!


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