Wednesday, March 16, 2005

recognition day

we woke up early than usual today, for it's francesca's recognition day in school.. yeay! i just can't help but think how years ago i was just a little boy.. i asked mother what can be... hahahaha!! now 30 years later i now stand at the sidelines watching my little girl on stage for her first recognition day.. haaaaaay!

this is cheska after getting her ribbon
cheska's recognition day
before all the hustle and bustle.. not in the mood to have her picture taken
fast learner and best dancer
full of smiles
happy family
one big happy family.. ako lang ang big pala..

after all of these, we went to market market at aling tonya's to eat lunch with my parents, sister and my mother-in-law. since me and my wife are on our 3rd week of "no meat", we ordered crabs cooked in oyster sauce, sipit ng crabs cooked in butter garlic sauce and sweet and sour lapu-lapu... wooohooo! yum! yum! we had to order barbeque since cheska won't eat crabs 'coza she saw the crabs still moving, so when she saw the crabs on the table she said don't eat the crabs, wawa naman siya oh, cook nila ang crabs. so there we bought barbeque for cheska.

it's so nice to see people eating especially when they love what to eat. just imagine everybody lining up to buy food, the people around us are using spoon and forks and us use our hands to eat. ahahahaha! funny situation, ang nakaktawa dun eh ako naka-polo dad ko naka barong tapos sister ko, mom ko, and si sahlee naka pang office tapos nagkakamay.. ano yun? ahahaha! basta masarap ang food namin, eventhough i'm allergic to seafood(except fish) kaya kinain ko lang eh sweet sour na lapu-lapu.


At 2:41 PM, Blogger theofficeboy said...

ang cute ni cheska - mukhang trained na yung smile nya ah.. hehehe..

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