Monday, March 14, 2005


we we're just getting ready to leave home when i got a call from one of my high school friend. he was asking to go to his girlfriend's despedida, since we're in makati that time we opted to go.

so after we went to SM to buy francesca's dress for her to wear on her recognition day, sahlee decided that we go to rustans supermarket.. wala nag laman ang ref namin.. ahaha! we bought a lot of fish since we are on to our last 2 weeks of "no meat" diet for the lenten season(i miss eating chicken.. ahaha!).

we we're on our way home when i got another phone call asking us where we we're. they told us to bring swim wear kasi swimming party daw itow.. ahaha!!! we got home, francesca changed to her two piece bathing suit, sahlee just wore her tankini top and board shorts and i wore my GSM red board shorts.. ahahaha!! we just walked going there since it was just close to our house. when we got there, i saw friends that i haven't seen for months with our spouses and children. the despidida party ended up as a children's swimming party having parents on the pool with each of their children with them. it was a very pleasant sight. it was just so sad not having our camera with us to show you some pictures. haay!!!

in short.. lasheng ako again! ahahaha! there were 4 cases of sanmig light and 1 bottle of balentines and vodka kurant and GSM BLUE!! YEAH!!! good thing there is a pool nearby to go swimming.. just imagine the pool floating with bottles of balentines, san mig light cans.. ahahaha! binalahura ang swimming pool sa condo ahaha! tapos ang mga taong walang damit pang swim ayun tinulak sa pool. tapos yung isang friend namin hinubaran ng shorts habang nakatayo.. ang problema wala pala siyan suot na brief.. kaya ahahahah! labas tuloy ang TITI niya.. ahahahaha!!

but all in all, masaya ang gabi para sa akin.. i had the chance to see old friends.

onga pala sobrang dehydrated ako from the drinking kaya bumangon ako ng 3am para lang uminom ng tubig. ahahaha! YEAH! SARAP!


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