Tuesday, January 25, 2005

back from the hospital

my little cheska just came home from makati med where she was confined since friday from bronchitis.

it was a fun experience for my daughter since in was her 1st time being confined, the last one was when she was born(ahahahahaha!) my daughter was delighted to sleep in a big bed and being served food 3 times a day and having the aircon open 24hrs(kala niya siguro hotel).

before she was confined my daughter experienced on and off fever that was accompanied with colds and cough and this was happening for 2 weeks. wait, wait! i know you're thinking why did we wait for 2 weeks.. actually on the 4rth day we alredy brought her to the drs. and was advised to buy expensive antibiotics for her but it still didn't cure her. so we brought her again to the dr. and advised her to confine cheska so that she'll be monitored and get the rest that she needs to get well.

i am proud of my daughter! she never flinched when blood was taken from her, when a needle was inserted in her hand for the dextrose. she is one brave girl. the experienced she had with the nurses, doctors and in the hospital was pleasant, she had a great time in general.

now she's back at home palying, watching dvd's and all the other stuff that she missed.

what we need to do now is to make her eat 'coz she lost a lot of weight. thanks to medicard for shouldering all the expenses... YEAH!!!


At 10:17 AM, Blogger maya said...

wow.. such a brave little cheska! hehehe ako kasi iyakin ako dati when it comes to needles
i guess she missed her pricess diaries eh? :)

At 7:24 PM, Blogger Mary said...

wow....big girl na lil princess mo..hihi! akou takut pa rin sa needles eh hihihi


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