Tuesday, January 18, 2005


went home early today. took my last lunch break at 5:30 and went straight home and slept. i was sooooo tired and sleepy i didn't even notice my wife and cheska leave(ahahaha!). well anyways, i was awaken with a loud continuous sound of the doorbell, it was cheska, who just arrived from school this is around 11am. with 5 hours of sleep under me, i decided to eat lunch since i wasn't able to eat breakfast. sahlee(my wife) called and said that she'll be bringing cheska to the supermarket(whooopeee!). so since i already ate lunch i can't sleep yet, so i played NBA Live for awhile. slept again at around 1pm and woke up at 2pm since cheska did the thing with the doorbell again(ahahahaha). given that it's still early in the afternoon and cheska needs her afternoon sleep, i slept again with me embracing her(whew! what a wonderful feeling that is)

woke up around 5pm(kasi masakit na yung likod ko sa kakatulog at may hulma na ng katawan ko yung futton). took a bath and went to the gym and now my arms feel like sh_t!! my trainer started a new gym routine for me and now i feel so tired. haay!

sleepy na ako! as in sobrang sleepy and tired! good thing the calls are not yet picking up so i still have a few minutes to rest for awhile....


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